1. MoCCA 2014 Report:

    MoCCA was a real blast this year. I had great some great tablemates this time around: Eleri Harris, Hannah Ratblood (both pictured above), Luke Healy, and Amelia Onorato. It was nice to be able to sit behind a table with something like 25 books on it. Also, Luke won an award for Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales, which was awesome. Maybe I’m biased but I’m not sure there was a more substantial minicomic at the show than Luke’s 40+ page, dense white whale of a book. One complaint, though, which is that, because the awards ceremony was at the exhibitors after-party, most of the people who came by the table didn’t know anything about the awards. Maybe next year they can publicize them a little better.

    The Society of Illustrators continues to be running a pretty tight ship. I’m glad they dropped the price of admission to $5. I could tell non-cartoonist friends to meet me at the show and not feel bad that they had to pay a bunch to get in. The art show was good this year, with the highlight for me being the Joost Swarte pieces, although maybe a little less impressive than last year’s.

    I didn’t make it to any of the programming (I’d meant to check out the panel with Michael Deforge, Sam Alden, and Frederic Coche, whose The Hero’s Life and Death Triumphant was the book I was most excited about even though it’s not new), but I heard it was good. Sales were decent for me, Saturday was one of my better days at any con but Sunday was really slow. But that’s pretty much to be expected as far as I can tell—if any individual is making a bunch of money at MoCCA, don’t tell me about it.

    For me the highlight, as it always is with any comics festival, was checking out the floor and discovering work, both new books by old favorites and work by cartoonists I didn’t know about or hadn’t read. This show seemed to pretty heavily favor illustration over straight comics, which if I’m being perfectly honest was a bit of a bummer for me. If I’m paying for a zine, I want to be able to sit down and read it. Make some comics guys. That said, I picked up a bunch of really cool comics (many of them trades, fortunately for my wallet). I’m gonna try to run some capsule reviews in the next few days.

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